How We Met?

Romantic cycling

The journey of Himayu

The tale of Himayu started two and a half years ago when I joined one of the country’s biggest ecommerce firms. I was happy and couldn’t thank God enough for helping me get a job there. But, little did I know then, that God has better things in store for me. Yes, I met my soul mate here and today we are happily enjoying our courtship period. Now, when I look back, it seems like it was a plan set up by God to bring us two together. Thank you, God for blessing me with such an amazing life partner.

Like any other relation, ours too was full of ups and downs. Fights, breakups, patch-ups, gifts, dinner dates, and romantic getaways – we have seen a lot in such a short span of time. We saw even more drama when we broke the news of our relationship to our parents. In India, it’s not about the girl and the boy when it comes to marriage; it’s all about the families. When all the family drama was happening, the thought of starting Himayu struck me! Yes, I wanted to express my feelings to the world without being judged! I wanted to share my experiences so that people like us know they are not alone! I wanted to share a tip or two that I learnt during this course so that it could help someone residing in some corner of the world!

I have started Himayu without giving much of a thought. Let’s see how ours and Himayu’s journey turn out to be. If by any chance, you happened to stumble upon this blog, please don’t forget to say Hi. Let’s spread love together!

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