Valentine’s Week: Happy Rose Day!

If there is any time of the year that I love as much as my birthday week, it has to be Valentine’s week! The week-long celebrations fill air with love and positivity, balloons and hearts become a common sight, and couples are seen blushing and gushing. I also like the fact that how specific theme is assigned to each day during the Valentine’s week.

The Valentine’s celebrations begun with Rose Day, which is celebrated on the 7th of February.

Flowers particularly roses are associated with love and emotions and thus make one of the best gifts for V-Day. Roses in different colors have different meanings and make sure you choose the right one to avoid being misunderstood.

Red Roses: Red roses are the symbol of love and romance. If you have been waiting to express your feelings for someone, do it this Valentine’s Day by giving a red rose. Don’t forget to get the thorns removed. 😉


Red Roses|Himayu Blog

PS: I got my first rose when I was in Class 6th. Didn’t know its meaning though at that point of time! 🙂

White Roses: White roses can be exchanged to express feelings of purity, association, sympathy, and spirituality. White roses are a little tricky as they are exchanged both at the beginning and end of a relationship. Yes, white flowers are used on weddings and funerals too! Be careful when you gift it to any of your loved ones.


White Rose|Himayu Blog

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are vibrant and beaming with energy. They are perfect to be given to your friend who means a lot. I read somewhere yellow roses express infidelity too. Watch out, fella!


Yellow Rose|Himayu Blog



Pink Roses: Pink roses symbolize grace, elegance, sweetness, and even romance. If you like someone and find her extremely graceful, go ahead and present her a pink rose this Valentine’s Day. These flowers can be used to express sympathy as well!


Pink Rose|Himayu Blog

Orange Roses: More than friends? Less than lovers? Orange flowers are for those who are stuck somewhere in between friendship & love. 😀


Orange Rose|Himayu Blog

Peach Roses: Peach flowers are for appreciation. If you like someone and want to know more about her, give her a peach rose and get started!


Peach Rose|Himayu Blog

Lavender Roses: Last but not the least in our list are lavender roses, which speak majesty and opulence.


Lavender Rose|Himayu Blog

We have decoded all types of roses for you. Decide which one will be perfect for him or her!

On a personal note, I got a red rose on Rose Day by Mr. H. *blushing*



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