The Bond Grew Stronger – Every Second, Minute, Day

A few days passed after our first unofficial chat and we didn’t see or text each other. I was leading my content life, when Mr H messaged me again; this time in office.


Himayu|A Personal Blog

The next couple of months went in knowing each other, personally as well as professionally. Messages, calls, chai breaks in office – were by then a part and parcel of our lives.

Everything happened so quickly that neither of us realized when we fell in love!

It was not love at first sight. For Himayu, it was love at every sight.

Despite knowing how we feel about each other, we chose not to express! Why? Because we feared that this relationship wouldn’t stay long due to family issues.

We tried; tried real hard. But, the volcano of emotions exploded and the unsaid was voiced. That moment was beautiful. We felt each other’s presence without being together (physically) at that point.

The confession made our lives easier and happier. We could discuss love, s**, work, and everything in between openly.

Every moment spent together strengthened our bond to an extent that we decided to fight all odds in our way to be together, always.

Of course, our fairy-tale had its share of sad and dark moments. But, let’s talk about it in a separate post.

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