When Insecurity takes the front seat

We expect love stories to be happy and rosy, with no place for jealousy, anger, and insecurity in relationship. However, expectations usually end up in disappointments and something similar happened in our relationship too.


Insecurity in Relationship|Himayu Blog

Soon after we realized our love for each other, our relationship started to go downhill and insecurity took the front seat. Needless to say, that particular phase was painful but I believe you can’t really do away (unless you’re superhuman) with feeling insecure in a new relationship.

Lack of understanding is the major reason for feeling insecure in a relationship.

If I go by my experience, lack of understanding is the primary reason for feeling insecure in a new relationship. Since both the boy and the girl unearth new things about each other every day, sometimes it is hard to accept or understand a recently discovered truth. And never ever associate insecurity with gender; both men and women can feel insecure.

In the case of HIMAYU, the primary reason for insecurity was a friend of mine. Since I was so close to him, Mr H got insecure of our friendship initially. Did you know how I dealt with insecurity in our relationship? I tried understanding (or rather confirming) the reason and maintained distance from my best buddy for some time. Here, I was not compromising on my friendship but I wanted to give Mr H ample time to understand the importance of my best friend. Gladly, things fell in place soon and we’re able to overcome insecurity by talking out and discussing everything clearly.

Today, I maintain a healthy relationship with my best buddy and the love of my life.

Hatred, jealousy, and insecurity, are like termites, that destroy relations silently; thus causing permanent damage.

Overcoming insecurity in a relationship requires love, passion, and constant support. If you want to deal with insecurities and save your relationship, don’t wait for the other person to start. Take out time to strike a conversation and become your own relationship counsellors.

Though we are no professionals offering relationship counselling services, but if you are experiencing signs of insecurity and need someone to talk to, feel free to drop an email to himayublog@gmail.com.

Till then,
Stay Cosy, Stay in Love!

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