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The First Unofficial Chat!

I wonder how Facebook has become the modern-age cupid who brings two different people together! Our first unofficial chat also happened through FB Messenger. And the date was July 9, 2013.

facebook notification

Facebook Message|Himayu Blog

I don’t remember the date because it was the first time, he messaged me. I clearly remember it because when he messaged, I was stuck in the longest traffic jam (of my life) due to heavy rain.  Like our first meeting, there was nothing special and we just exchanged greetings. Later, he gave me his phone no. and asked me to text. Being typical me, I said I will and didn’t.

Frustrated with the traffic jam and water-logging, I couldn’t fathom why this guy was being so friendly with me.

woman in rain

Rains|Himau Blog

Our 5-minute chat ended there and we were back to our normal lives!

Did Facebook play a role in your love story? Share your answers in the comment box below! 🙂