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When Insecurity takes the front seat

We expect love stories to be happy and rosy, with no place for jealousy, anger, and insecurity in relationship. However, expectations usually end up in disappointments and something similar happened in our relationship too.


Insecurity in Relationship|Himayu Blog

Soon after we realized our love for each other, our relationship started to go downhill and insecurity took the front seat. Needless to say, that particular phase was painful but I believe you can’t really do away (unless you’re superhuman) with feeling insecure in a new relationship.

Lack of understanding is the major reason for feeling insecure in a relationship.

If I go by my experience, lack of understanding is the primary reason for feeling insecure in a new relationship. Since both the boy and the girl unearth new things about each other every day, sometimes it is hard to accept or understand a recently discovered truth. And never ever associate insecurity with gender; both men and women can feel insecure.

In the case of HIMAYU, the primary reason for insecurity was a friend of mine. Since I was so close to him, Mr H got insecure of our friendship initially. Did you know how I dealt with insecurity in our relationship? I tried understanding (or rather confirming) the reason and maintained distance from my best buddy for some time. Here, I was not compromising on my friendship but I wanted to give Mr H ample time to understand the importance of my best friend. Gladly, things fell in place soon and we’re able to overcome insecurity by talking out and discussing everything clearly.

Today, I maintain a healthy relationship with my best buddy and the love of my life.

Hatred, jealousy, and insecurity, are like termites, that destroy relations silently; thus causing permanent damage.

Overcoming insecurity in a relationship requires love, passion, and constant support. If you want to deal with insecurities and save your relationship, don’t wait for the other person to start. Take out time to strike a conversation and become your own relationship counsellors.

Though we are no professionals offering relationship counselling services, but if you are experiencing signs of insecurity and need someone to talk to, feel free to drop an email to himayublog@gmail.com.

Till then,
Stay Cosy, Stay in Love!

The Bond Grew Stronger – Every Second, Minute, Day

A few days passed after our first unofficial chat and we didn’t see or text each other. I was leading my content life, when Mr H messaged me again; this time in office.


Himayu|A Personal Blog

The next couple of months went in knowing each other, personally as well as professionally. Messages, calls, chai breaks in office – were by then a part and parcel of our lives.

Everything happened so quickly that neither of us realized when we fell in love!

It was not love at first sight. For Himayu, it was love at every sight.

Despite knowing how we feel about each other, we chose not to express! Why? Because we feared that this relationship wouldn’t stay long due to family issues.

We tried; tried real hard. But, the volcano of emotions exploded and the unsaid was voiced. That moment was beautiful. We felt each other’s presence without being together (physically) at that point.

The confession made our lives easier and happier. We could discuss love, s**, work, and everything in between openly.

Every moment spent together strengthened our bond to an extent that we decided to fight all odds in our way to be together, always.

Of course, our fairy-tale had its share of sad and dark moments. But, let’s talk about it in a separate post.

Valentine’s Week: Happy Rose Day!

If there is any time of the year that I love as much as my birthday week, it has to be Valentine’s week! The week-long celebrations fill air with love and positivity, balloons and hearts become a common sight, and couples are seen blushing and gushing. I also like the fact that how specific theme is assigned to each day during the Valentine’s week.

The Valentine’s celebrations begun with Rose Day, which is celebrated on the 7th of February.

Flowers particularly roses are associated with love and emotions and thus make one of the best gifts for V-Day. Roses in different colors have different meanings and make sure you choose the right one to avoid being misunderstood.

Red Roses: Red roses are the symbol of love and romance. If you have been waiting to express your feelings for someone, do it this Valentine’s Day by giving a red rose. Don’t forget to get the thorns removed. 😉


Red Roses|Himayu Blog

PS: I got my first rose when I was in Class 6th. Didn’t know its meaning though at that point of time! 🙂

White Roses: White roses can be exchanged to express feelings of purity, association, sympathy, and spirituality. White roses are a little tricky as they are exchanged both at the beginning and end of a relationship. Yes, white flowers are used on weddings and funerals too! Be careful when you gift it to any of your loved ones.


White Rose|Himayu Blog

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are vibrant and beaming with energy. They are perfect to be given to your friend who means a lot. I read somewhere yellow roses express infidelity too. Watch out, fella!


Yellow Rose|Himayu Blog



Pink Roses: Pink roses symbolize grace, elegance, sweetness, and even romance. If you like someone and find her extremely graceful, go ahead and present her a pink rose this Valentine’s Day. These flowers can be used to express sympathy as well!


Pink Rose|Himayu Blog

Orange Roses: More than friends? Less than lovers? Orange flowers are for those who are stuck somewhere in between friendship & love. 😀


Orange Rose|Himayu Blog

Peach Roses: Peach flowers are for appreciation. If you like someone and want to know more about her, give her a peach rose and get started!


Peach Rose|Himayu Blog

Lavender Roses: Last but not the least in our list are lavender roses, which speak majesty and opulence.


Lavender Rose|Himayu Blog

We have decoded all types of roses for you. Decide which one will be perfect for him or her!

On a personal note, I got a red rose on Rose Day by Mr. H. *blushing*



The First Unofficial Chat!

I wonder how Facebook has become the modern-age cupid who brings two different people together! Our first unofficial chat also happened through FB Messenger. And the date was July 9, 2013.

facebook notification

Facebook Message|Himayu Blog

I don’t remember the date because it was the first time, he messaged me. I clearly remember it because when he messaged, I was stuck in the longest traffic jam (of my life) due to heavy rain.  Like our first meeting, there was nothing special and we just exchanged greetings. Later, he gave me his phone no. and asked me to text. Being typical me, I said I will and didn’t.

Frustrated with the traffic jam and water-logging, I couldn’t fathom why this guy was being so friendly with me.

woman in rain

Rains|Himau Blog

Our 5-minute chat ended there and we were back to our normal lives!

Did Facebook play a role in your love story? Share your answers in the comment box below! 🙂

Why First Impression is not the Last Impression?

Things that we have been hearing since childhood, seems true to such an extent, that it feels like they are embedded in our DNA. The world famous quote – “First Impression is the Last Impression” falls under this category in my case. I believed in this quote all my life till I met Mr H.

Bad First Impression

First Impressions are not long lasting|Himayu Blog

The first time I was introduced to him in office was nothing extraordinary. Exchange of greetings and that’s all! Violins didn’t play in the background; I didn’t feel butterflies dancing in my stomach; I didn’t even saw a point of light above the left shoulder that tells he is my soul mate!

PS: You will get the last point only if you have read Brida by Paulo Coelho 🙂

In short, our first meeting was extremely casual and in no ways I felt he was special. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say his first impression was not good.

But, things changed as soon as we started talking. Behind the workhorse, sloppy guy was hidden a childlike innocent guy who wanted care, attention, and love. Every passing day, I would get to see his new side, completely opposite to what I assumed him to be, when we met first. Gradually, he impressed me to the core that I decided to marry him despite all dilemmas.

During the initial phase, I thought of us as two different people who can’t stay together for long. But, today the outlook towards our different personalities has changed; it is like we are two different pieces of a puzzle, who make a beautiful picture when joined together.

Couple in Love

Couple in Love|Himayu Blog

Never let your first impression stop you from interacting with anyone. Talk, meet, and know each other before jumping to any conclusion. First meetings are more about assumptions and less about impressions!

And now I will conclude this post with a beautiful quote, which says:

“you must be careful never to allow doubt to paralyze you. Always take the decisions you need to take, even if you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing. You’ll never go wrong if, when you make a decision, you keep in mind an old German proverb: ‘The devil is in the detail.’ Remember that proverb and you’ll always be able to turn a wrong decision into a right one.”

-Paulo Coelho, Brida

How We Met?

Romantic cycling

The journey of Himayu

The tale of Himayu started two and a half years ago when I joined one of the country’s biggest ecommerce firms. I was happy and couldn’t thank God enough for helping me get a job there. But, little did I know then, that God has better things in store for me. Yes, I met my soul mate here and today we are happily enjoying our courtship period. Now, when I look back, it seems like it was a plan set up by God to bring us two together. Thank you, God for blessing me with such an amazing life partner.

Like any other relation, ours too was full of ups and downs. Fights, breakups, patch-ups, gifts, dinner dates, and romantic getaways – we have seen a lot in such a short span of time. We saw even more drama when we broke the news of our relationship to our parents. In India, it’s not about the girl and the boy when it comes to marriage; it’s all about the families. When all the family drama was happening, the thought of starting Himayu struck me! Yes, I wanted to express my feelings to the world without being judged! I wanted to share my experiences so that people like us know they are not alone! I wanted to share a tip or two that I learnt during this course so that it could help someone residing in some corner of the world!

I have started Himayu without giving much of a thought. Let’s see how ours and Himayu’s journey turn out to be. If by any chance, you happened to stumble upon this blog, please don’t forget to say Hi. Let’s spread love together!

Connect with us on himayublog@gmail.com.